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What does it take to win a wrongful death lawsuit?

If you lost a loved one in an accident that was the result of another person's negligence or purposeful intent to harm, according to the laws of Texas you may have legal recourse. A wrongful death lawsuit, if successfully litigated, can result in you receiving a monetary judgment for any of your documented losses.

Living with the pain of losing a child, parent, spouse, partner or other loved one in such a tragic and untimely way can be absolutely devastating. Revisiting the tragedy by pursing a lawsuit can be a challenge. Before going down that road, you may want to make sure your case possesses all the required elements for successful litigation.

When seeking guardianship of mom or dad is appropriate

For most people, watching parents age can be difficult. Physical and/or mental health issues may set in that make it challenging and sometimes even impossible for them to care for themselves adequately. If you have a parent who has become incapacitated in some way, according to Texas laws, you can seek guardianship so that you may be awarded the legal right to make necessary decisions for him or her.

When is seeking a guardianship appropriate? What are the responsibilities that come with this role?

Is a spousal support order modifiable?

If, during your marriage, you have been dependent on your spouse financially, getting a divorce and having to figure out how to provide for yourself can be a scary thing. Thankfully, Texas laws allow the awarding of spousal support under the right circumstances. This is a great benefit for those who need financial assistance as they transition from married to single life.

Spousal support, also called alimony or spousal maintenance, is something you can request as part of your divorce settlement. If awarded, it is usually only paid out for a certain period of time. The spousal support order notes the duration of payments and the amount ordered. What happens, though, if you have a change in circumstances and need either more support or an extension on the duration schedule? Can you modify an alimony order?

I've been injured in a motor vehicle accident: What now?

After you've been in a wreck in the state of Texas and have suffered injuries, seeking medical attention may naturally be your primary focus. However, taking a few other steps is essential following the motor vehicle accident. Failure to take these steps may unfortunately end up costing you in the long run.

Steps to take

Why you should think twice about using online legal document services

Technology and the internet are "disrupting" so many areas of the economy, and the legal profession is no exception. Clients, or prospective clients, want to know what they have to lose by just creating legal documents themselves, using LegalZoom or a similar service. It's cheaper, faster, and maybe easier. What's not to like?

Are you unable to pay child support? You have options.

Child support is often one of the most contentious issues between two parents who are divorcing or two biological parents who are unmarried. In most cases, the non-custodial parent bears the burden of making payments to the primary custodian in order to assist with the care of his or her children. Biological parents have the obligation to financially support their kids until they reach adulthood, but what happens if a parent is unable to adequately meet this demand?

If you cannot pay the full amount of child support, you have the right to seek a modification to the final support order. Texas parents who have experienced a significant and material change in circumstances may be eligible to secure a modification to a child support plan.

Estate planning is about more than money

Despite the fact that even a simple will can provide much-needed financial protection and security for loved ones, many people fail to take the appropriate steps to ensure that they have the right documents in place. Estate planning is not something reserved only for the wealthy, but is a smart step for any individual at any income level. Besides providing financial security, it can also provide peace of mind.

Real estate forecast for 2017

Like many people in Texas, you may have set some goals for the New Year. This year, instead of losing weight or breaking a bad habit, you and your spouse have decided to take the plunge and buy a home.

This is not a decision you are taking lightly. In fact, many people your age seem to have put off buying a home for just the right time. You may be excited and a little uncertain, but financial advisors say you should be alert for some trends in the real estate world in the coming year.

Did distracted driving cause your car accident?

Distracted driving is not only a serious problem in Texas, it is an epidemic that is plaguing drivers and passengers across the country. Distraction can involve many different types of negligent or reckless behaviors, and even one moment of distraction can lead to serious or deadly consequences. If you believe that distracted driving played a role in your accident, you would be wise to take steps to protect your rights.

There is no excuse for distracted driving, and it is possible for you to hold the responsible parties accountable for any damage done to you or a loved one. As soon as possible after an accident, reach out to determine what legal options may be available to you.