The holidays just came to a close and we’re now moving forward into 2020. For many, though, that may mean moving forward alone. This is the part of the year when divorce filings soar.

In fact, one study claimed they went up by a full 33% shortly after New Year’s Day. The key was the beginning of school for children, after the winter break. As life went back to normal, couples began ending their relationships.

The return to normality may be a big part of it. Ever since early fall, with the lead-up to Halloween, everything has been a string of holidays. Many of them, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, are distinctly family holidays. They also often come with multiple events, like Thanksgiving or Christmas with both sides of the family. People are busy, the atmosphere is festive and the kids are home from school. It can all be very distracting and may keep people from thinking about divorce.

When it ends, that’s when reality sets in. Some couples may have even been waiting for that, not wanting to announce a divorce during the holidays. Either way, normal life makes them think about their relationship issues that they’ve been putting off, and that’s enough to get them to start the divorce process.

As the rates increase, it’s important for everyone involved in a divorce to know what legal rights they have. The way you handle a divorce can really shape your future. Make sure you know what steps you can take and what you and your family need to do moving forward.