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Helping You With Your High-Asset Divorce

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Going through a divorce, even in the best of circumstances, means that a person’s entire life is about to change. For those couples with significant assets, the prospect of divorce usually results in a substantial amount of conflict between the spouses. Each side wants to protect as much property as possible, leading to disagreements over each and every asset that needs to be divided.

At Harrell, Stoebner & Russell, P.C., with offices in Temple and Killeen, we understand what you have at stake in your divorce case. Our experienced family law attorney, Brittany Darby, has helped many individuals through a high-asset divorce. Ms. Darby will take care of all of the difficult legal issues present in your case, allowing you to focus on the decisions you need to make as your divorce moves forward.

What You Need To Know About Property Division In Texas

Texas is a community property state, which means that in each divorce, each spouse is entitled to fair and equitable share of the couple’s marital property. Marital property is defined as anything that was acquired while the couple was married, with very limited exceptions. Marital property includes items such as:

  • Business assets from a jointly-owned business
  • Profits accumulated during the marriage from a business that was established before the couple was married
  • Contributions to a retirement account made during the marriage, even if only one of the spouses contributed to the account
  • Equity in a marital home
  • Any other income or debt that was acquired during the marriage

Often, many people are surprised to learn that some of the property that they believed they owned independently is subject to division. When we review your case, we analyze your situation to determine what might happen in your case. We ask you what you hope to accomplish in your case, and then propose strategies and solutions that advance your specific goals.

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