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What kind of prognosis do traumatic brain injury victims have?

Individuals who are hurt by defective products or become involved in car crashes or other serious accidents often suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). These often involve significant bleeding, swelling or brain chemistry changes. The type of medical care that a patient receives immediately following such an injuring incident can greatly impact their long-term prognosis.

Many individuals who are involved in injuring incidents may become unresponsive immediately after suffering a TBI.

Protecting your business from the risk of divorce

The possibility that your marriage will end in divorce may not even cross your mind in the weeks and months before your wedding. However, if you have sunk time, sweat and money into the establishment of your business, you are leaving a lot to chance by not anticipating the damage such an event could do. While it is certainly not pleasant to consider that your marriage may not last, it is prudent to take steps to protect your business from the unthinkable.

Texas is a community property state, which means that the courts intend to divide marital property 50/50 between divorcing spouses. Even if you established your business before your wedding day, its appreciation, investments or other profits may fall under the category of community property in the event that you and your spouse divorce. This could mean devastation and even dissolution for your business if you do not take precautions against it.

What are the different types of partnerships that exist in Texas?

If you're looking to start a business here in Texas, then there are a lot of incorporation options that are available to you. There are many different management, liability, tax and operational benefits associated with each of the different business formations.

There are three primary types of partnerships that you may form here in Texas. There's a general, limited or simply a limited liability partnership.

Police car crashes during chase in Texas

A police chase in Texas led to an accident involving the police vehicle and another car that was previously unrelated. The whole thing was captured on the police Tahoe's dash camera.

Reports indicate that the police initially took note of the first car they pursued when it was behind an ambulance and committed "a traffic violation." Exactly what that driver did was not reported, but it was enough for officers to attempt to initiate a stop.

How old are first-time American homebuyers?

Are you trying to decide if it is the right time to buy a house? Maybe you feel like everyone you know has started looking. Maybe you like the real estate market in your area. Maybe you have just grown tired of renting.

One key thing to remember is that the right age to buy a home is different for everyone. It depends on far more than age alone. You have to consider your income, your debt, the stability of your job, the real estate options in the area, what your family needs and all of the nonfinancial details of homeownership.

How to say, 'I want a divorce,' to your spouse

People put a lot of thought into a marriage proposal. They realize that a proposal is an emotional event, so they want to set the mood and get everything just right. Unfortunately, people seldom think that way when they're on the opposite end of the situation and want to ask for a divorce. They may blurt it out in a moment of anger or in some other way that makes the discussion harder.

That's bad. Mishandling the initial conversation with your spouse about divorce can lead to unnecessary hard feelings and make a difficult situation worse.

Is a wrongful death claim worth the effort?

The sudden loss of a loved one is often tragic. You may have anticipated seeing your loved one later or at least talking to him or her soon, but before you could, you received the news that he or she was gone. To make matters worse, someone else's negligence or recklessness contributed to the accident that resulted in your loved one's death.

At times, you may still turn around to say something to that person before you remember that he or she is not there. It can take time to find closure after such a life-changing event, and for many Texas residents, filing wrongful death claims against the parties considered at fault for fatal accidents can help them on the way to finding that closure.

Can you keep your heirs from losing an inheritance in divorce?

If you're a grandparent developing your estate plan, you may choose to leave some of your assets directly to your grandchildren rather than leave it to their parents to pass on a portion of their inheritance.

Whether your grandchildren are toddlers or young adults, you may have some concerns about these assets being taken by their spouse in a divorce. You've worked hard for your money. Perhaps some of it has been passed down for generations. You want to make sure it stays in the family -- and specifically with the grandchildren you're bequeathing it to. What can you do to help ensure that?

Driver jailed in August deaths of three young Texas women

A 33-year-old driver who police say is responsible for the deaths of three recent Texas high school graduates has been charged in their deaths.

The man, from Fort Worth, Texas, allegedly was speeding as he drove his black Buick on Aug. 18 along Riverside Drive in the city and crashed into a car containing five young people. Three 18-year-olds, who graduated this summer from Trimble Tech High School, died from the injuries suffered in the crash.

Starting your own company? These tips can help

Starting your own business may give you a chance to capitalize on a dream you have always had somewhere in the back of your mind. It's an exciting time as you finally watch things come together. You cannot wait to get this off of the ground.

That said, maybe this is your first business. You are well aware that a critical mistake could ruin the entire enterprise, but you don't necessarily have the experience to avoid it. To help you, here are a several key tips:

  • Understand that you have to fully focus on the business. You need to go after it 100% from the very first day. Prepare to set other things aside, especially at the beginning.
  • Consider your own skills and your personality. Are you good at certain things but lacking in other areas? You must figure out how to overcome that, perhaps by finding a business partner with the opposite set of skills.
  • Write down your specific business plan. Just having a vague idea is not enough. Writing it out allows you to focus and forces you to think critically about each step.
  • Set goals for yourself. Don't worry about how big or small they are. Just give yourself things that you can work toward.
  • Make sure the legal side is in order. Do you need to register the name of your company? Do you need to apply for patents? Do you have any trademarks to protect?
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