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One person cannot save a marriage

Your spouse has talked about getting a divorce. You do not want to break up. You still think you can save the marriage. You never thought you would be getting divorced, and you do not want to take such a drastic step.

That's a fine way to feel, and you need to tell your spouse exactly what you're thinking. Sit down. Talk it out. Say everything you want to say.

Do your sunglasses make you an unsafe driver?

Sunglasses are often a staple for many people heading outdoors. Whether going for a walk or behind the wheel of a vehicle, you likely take your sunglasses along to prevent having to squint in the sunlight and to protect your vision. While having this item in your vehicle is a step in the right direction, many factors of your sunglasses could impact whether you should actually wear them when driving.

Just like many other pieces of your wardrobe that can serve multiple purposes, your sunglasses can act as a statement piece and as a defense against the sun. When you are driving, the manner in which your sunglasses affect your vision could potentially put you at greater risk of being involved in a car accident.

Teen passenger dies in accident with semi-truck

A teenager is dead after an accident with a semi-truck, and the teen was merely an unsuspecting passenger at the time of the crash.

The accident happened in Harlingen, Texas. Reports indicate that occurred right after 7:00 p.m., on June 11, 2018, and that it took place on FM 106.

What restrictions do S corporations have?

As you get ready to start your business, you're trying to decide if you want to form a C corporation (C-corp) or an S corporation (S-corp). You know they come with some fundamental differences, including more restrictions on S-corps. But what are those restrictions and will they impact your company?

First of all, you can have a maximum of 100 shareholders with an S-corp. A C-corp, on the other hand, can have an unlimited amount.

3 options to deal with encroachment on your land

Your neighbor decided to build a large new deck behind his or her house. It's beautiful when it gets done, but you quickly notice that there is a serious problem. The edge of the deck goes farther than the property line. When you check your records, it's clear that your neighbor built such a large structure that it's actually on your land.

This is called encroachment, and this is only one example. It can also happen when someone builds a new shed that cross the line, puts up a fence in the wrong location, puts an addition on a home that extends over the line or does anything else to use your land without permission.

Considering the benefits of an estate plan

You have probably heard people saying that you need an estate plan. Perhaps your grown children are urging you to consider more comprehensive preparation for the end of your life, but you are not quite convinced that it is worth the trouble to make a plan.

Everyone has a different tipping point. Some may understand the value of an estate plan after hearing about a celebrity whose estate was squandered because he left no will or trust. Others may have first-hand experience following the death of a parent or loved one whose family erupted in legal disputes related to the deceased's unplanned estate. For you, perhaps a clearer understanding of the benefits of creating an estate plan will be enough to convince you of its merits.

Pursuing appropriate compensation for construction defects

If you had a home built for you in Texas or purchased a newly constructed home, you know there is a chance you will find minor issues with your property that you need to address. This is common with new homes, but there is a major difference between minor errors and serious construction defects.

Defects in a construction project undermine the integrity of the entire project. It can cause additional problems, extra costs and a significant amount of stress. If you are a homeowner who has been exposed to such defects, you will find it beneficial to seek legal guidance as you work to get the repairs and compensation you deserve. This is a major problem, and you do not have to face it alone.

Why don't more couples talk about prenups?

Many couples never mention prenuptial agreements before marriage. Experts say it is clear that these simple documents can protect a person's wealth and financial future, but a lot of people still ignore them and gamble on getting married without one. Why is this?

The reason is simply that prenuptial agreements are a sensitive issue. One person may want one and never ask for fear of offending the other person. Couples who are in love do not like to talk about divorce or the end of a marriage because it feels like admitting some sort of defeat or failure before the marriage even begins.

Child support modifications Q and A

You went through the divorce process and now find yourself having to pay child support to your ex. You are okay with this; you know it is your job to provide for your children. However, you've been paying a lot for a while now, and your financial circumstances have changed since the original child support issued by a Texas court. This leaves you wondering what you can do about it. Believe it or not, you may be able to seek an order modification.

Not just anyone who asks for one can receive a child support modification. There needs to be sufficient reason for making a change that will affect your children. Below are some common questions and answers that parents in Texas may have about child support modifications.

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