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Pursuing appropriate compensation for construction defects

If you had a home built for you in Texas or purchased a newly constructed home, you know there is a chance you will find minor issues with your property that you need to address. This is common with new homes, but there is a major difference between minor errors and serious construction defects.

Defects in a construction project undermine the integrity of the entire project. It can cause additional problems, extra costs and a significant amount of stress. If you are a homeowner who has been exposed to such defects, you will find it beneficial to seek legal guidance as you work to get the repairs and compensation you deserve. This is a major problem, and you do not have to face it alone.

Why don't more couples talk about prenups?

Many couples never mention prenuptial agreements before marriage. Experts say it is clear that these simple documents can protect a person's wealth and financial future, but a lot of people still ignore them and gamble on getting married without one. Why is this?

The reason is simply that prenuptial agreements are a sensitive issue. One person may want one and never ask for fear of offending the other person. Couples who are in love do not like to talk about divorce or the end of a marriage because it feels like admitting some sort of defeat or failure before the marriage even begins.

Child support modifications Q and A

You went through the divorce process and now find yourself having to pay child support to your ex. You are okay with this; you know it is your job to provide for your children. However, you've been paying a lot for a while now, and your financial circumstances have changed since the original child support issued by a Texas court. This leaves you wondering what you can do about it. Believe it or not, you may be able to seek an order modification.

Not just anyone who asks for one can receive a child support modification. There needs to be sufficient reason for making a change that will affect your children. Below are some common questions and answers that parents in Texas may have about child support modifications.

Truck driver dies in fiery accident on Texas bridge

A truck driver in Texas was killed in an accident on a bridge that resulted in multiple explosions as at least one vehicle burst into flames.

The crash happened on April 6 around 5:45 a.m. Multiple passenger vehicles were reportedly involved, along with the semitruck. The explosions after the crash were all caught on traffic cameras, and pictures from the scene show the crushed front end of the semi hanging precariously over the side of the bridge.

Are you eligible for compensation following a slip-and-fall?

A slip or stumble and fall may leave you with little more than a sprained ankle, scraped knee and a seriously bruised ego. However, sometimes a ground-level fall can lead to severe injuries. It is not unheard of for such a fall to result in a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, internal injuries or even death. You may find yourself with lifelong pain and suffering all because someone failed to take reasonable precautions to prevent your fall.

Some of the more common conditions that lead to falls include loose or torn carpeting, objects left in the aisle of a store, uneven pavement, and wet or icy spots on the ground or floor. It may seem clear to you that one or more of these conditions was the reasons for your fall, but a successful premises liability claim requires more than just the existence of a hazardous condition.

No such thing as speeding through probate

After a family member has died, you certainly need some time to grieve and remember. You may find it comforting to look through your relative's photo albums and discover hidden treasures in dresser drawers and on closet shelves. However, after time passes, you are ready to move on and return to some sense of normalcy. A large part of this process is clearing out the house and distributing your loved one's belongings.

However, until the estate has completed the probate process, everything may have to remain as it is. Until the court has validated the will, verified the identity of all heirs and paid off any outstanding debts, your family will remain in a holding pattern. You may be interested in knowing how long you must wait until the probate process is finished.

What do you need to know about commercial leases?

If you're new to the world of commercial leases, there are a few things that you need to know before you get started.

First, commercial leases are nothing like residential leases. Your familiarity with rental agreements, if limited to a house or apartment, won't help much when you're reviewing a commercial lease. There are a lot of different terms and unique meanings in a commercial lease that have to be fully evaluated and understood. While most residential leases look more or less the same, commercial leases are highly individualized instruments.

How courts decide what is in a child's best interests

You'll often hear that a divorce court looks at the "child's best interests" when deciding how custody will be split between two parents.

This phrase shows that the court values the child's well-being over the parents'. It's helpful to understand that mindset. However, what exactly does the court use to decide if it is in the child's best interests to live with the mother, the father or both?

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