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These 5 co-parenting tips will improve your situation

After a divorce, co-parenting is often the most difficult challenge you will face. You want to spend as much time as possible with your children, but you realize that your ex-spouse has the same goals.

With a parenting agreement in place, it's easy to understand your legal rights to parenting your child after a divorce. However, this doesn't always tell the whole story in regards to co-parenting.

Why is a home inspection so important?

Purchasing a home is an exciting and terrifying adventure. On the one hand, you are investing in a property that your children and grandchildren may associate with many joyful memories. On the other hand, you are taking on a large, expensive burden that could be the source of many frustrations.

One way to minimize the potential for unpleasant surprises in your new home is to hire an inspector to carefully examine the house before you sign any closing documents. A home inspection is not a requirement for purchasing a home in Texas, and many homebuyers think they will save some money by waiving their right to an inspection. However, the benefits of obtaining a home inspection may be worth the cost.

3 common myths regarding estate planning

Estate planning myths can cause a lot of problems. People often buy into what they hear casually, even if they never got legal advice or did any deep research on their own. This can lead to critical mistakes that they regret later in life.

To help you avoid this scenario, here are three common myths to watch out for:

Studies show stepmothers cause many probate disputes

It's difficult to avoid stereotypes when talking about blended families and probate disputes. However, research shows that children do not often bond with their stepparents, and this disconnect becomes even more pronounced after the biological parent dies. It is not unusual for a law firm to see half of its estate disputes arise between children and a stepparent, particularly a stepmother.

While you may think this perpetuates the long-held myth of the wicked stepmother, the fact is that women tend to outlive their husbands, and this often leaves widows battling with their stepchildren for the inheritance. If you are currently embroiled in such a battle, it may help to know you are not alone and there are resources available to help you.

Why do people fall asleep behind the wheel?

In theory, falling asleep behind the wheel seems very easy to avoid. If you are so tired that you may pass out at any moment, stay out of the car. But is it really that simple?

It's not. People often have no idea how tired they truly are or how much danger they're putting everyone else in when they start driving.

Do you get your earnest money back if you cancel a home purchase?

You put in an offer to buy a home, but now you do not want to go through with it anymore. If you cancel the sale, will you lose the earnest money, or do you get it back?

It really depends on why you canceled the sale and when you did it. Typically, you have a set of contingencies that have to be met. If they are not met, you can then get the money back and step away from the purchase without any issues.

Understanding the basics of a wrongful death claim

An accident that resulted in the death of your loved one is a moment you will never forget. Whether you were involved in the accident yourself or received the dreaded phone call, your life changed forever at that moment. You are likely facing struggles you never imagined, physically, emotionally and financially.

What makes the situation even more difficult to cope with is that the death of your loved one was senseless and preventable were it not for the reckless or negligent acts of someone else. Whether your loved one's fatal injuries resulted from a motor vehicle accident, a dangerous property or another act of negligence, you feel the injustice and loss in every aspect of your life. In such situations, you may be qualified to seek compensation through a wrongful death claim.

Is an irrevocable trust right for me?

You know that you need to start making some progress on an estate plan. You know that a will can only do so much, and you are thinking a trust is really what you need to protect your assets, yourself and your loved ones. Like many Texas residents, what type of trust will actually serve your best interests is confusing.

Before deciding on a trust, you need to determine what benefits you are looking to get out of it now. If you are wanting specific tax benefits, an irrevocable trust may be the way to go. What are the benefits of this trust type? What are the disadvantages?

Is your business partner lying?

You must have an honest and dependable business partner. If not, it could ruin your company and cost you dearly. Plus, if the two of you have a partnership agreement in place, any dishonesty from your partner could violate that agreement.

So, how do you know if he or she is lying? Here are a few things to watch out for:

  • Refusal to give you specifics. For instance, your partner claims to have some intellectual property that will set you apart from the competition, but he or she will not reveal what it is or offer any proof.
  • Refusal to give direct answers. Do you ever feel like your partner just tries to redirect the conversation when certain topics come up? This should make you ask what he or she is trying to hide.
  • Pitching an idea as unrealistically "hot." Watch out for someone who is just trying to get you so excited about a situation that you do not take your time and do your due diligence. He or she may be creating a false sense of urgency or overselling the opportunity completely.
  • Someone who relies too much on past accomplishments. Perhaps he or she used to work for a well-known corporation. If you ask serious questions and you get no answers, other than a reference to that old job, it could mean your partner does not have the answers and is simply hoping you'll be too impressed to push further.

One person cannot save a marriage

Your spouse has talked about getting a divorce. You do not want to break up. You still think you can save the marriage. You never thought you would be getting divorced, and you do not want to take such a drastic step.

That's a fine way to feel, and you need to tell your spouse exactly what you're thinking. Sit down. Talk it out. Say everything you want to say.

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