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Murder charges filed after DWI-related crash in Manor

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Driving has become a vital element of the lives of almost every Texan. The state’s roads are constantly filled with people traveling for both business and recreational purposes. Most of these people likely realize that an inherent risk exists when traveling by car, yet they assume this risk willingly (and without giving it a lot of thought) assuming that most others on the road are as vigilant in avoiding accidents are they are.

Unfortunately, that does not always prove to be the case. Speeding remains a constant threat, as does the potential of people choosing to drive after consuming alcohol. These reckless and negligent decisions not only endanger those who make them, but the others they encounter on the road as well.

Woman killed in collision on U.S. Highway 290

A recent fatal collision in Manor illustrates this point. According to reports from the local NBC News affiliate, a man currently faces murder charges after driving while intoxicated and subsequently causing a car accident. While driving his truck, the man struck a sedan from behind, killing a passenger in the vehicle and injuring the driver. The man who caused the accident reportedly has a long history of driving under the influence, with three past convictions on his records. It was for this reason local authorities chose to pursue murder charges against him.

Civil action in conjunction with a criminal case

Some people may think that while authorities prosecute a criminal case, one cannot simultaneously pursue a civil action related to the same matter. Yet that is not the case; an accident victim can indeed file a lawsuit while the person who injured them also faces criminal charges. Managing such a situation can have its challenges, however, and one who attempts to do so may benefit from consistent access to reliable legal resources.


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