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Why might “re-mediation” be needed after divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2022 | Family Law |

Signing final divorce papers is often a monumental occasion for those looking to end a marriage. In many ways, this can signal that the divorce process is finally “over.” While this may be the last step for some couples, it is not uncommon for some matters to need to be revisited over time, particularly if financial support or custody are involved in the arrangement. Here are a few reasons Texas divorcees may need to seek “re-mediation” after a divorce:

  • Changes in financial circumstances: If child support or alimony were part of the agreement, then these things may need to be reconsidered if the payer spouse has a significant change in financial circumstance that is outside of their control.
  • Ages of children: A custody arrangement that made sense when kids were younger may be less valid as they enter new phases of life. Therefore, custody arrangements may need to be renegotiated over time.
  • Family circumstances: Is one spouse getting remarried? Or perhaps wanting to move out of state, making custody handoff more burdensome? These types of issues, if not considered in the initial divorce, may require some legal support to work through.

In some cases, determining these issues might require going to court. However, as in most family law matters, mediation can be an easier route if it is possible for both parties. To discuss issues such as these, and explore possible avenues for resolution, it is a good idea to speak with a Texas family law attorney about the specifics of the matter at hand.


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