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How divorce may affect mental health

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2023 | Family Law |

The divorce process in Texas can have a major effect on a person’s mental health, and its emotional toll may manifest in many ways. Understanding these effects may help people address them and improve their well-being and healing. Here are a few common ways divorce may affect a person’s mental health and how to minimize these effects. 

Divorce’s mental health effects 

Divorce often leads to anxiety and stress due to the changes and uncertainty associated with it. It is wise for people getting divorced to engage in self-care to manage their stress. Examples of self-care include working out, seeking a therapist’s support and practicing relaxation techniques. 

Depression may also result from divorce. Losing a major relationship may make a person feel hopeless, sad and unmotivated. Divorce can additionally lead to self-worth and self-esteem challenges, as dissolving a marriage may leave people questioning their identities, feeling rejected, and worrying about whether they can develop healthy relationships long term. Support from family members, therapy and medication may help a person manage and overcome depression, as well as regain his or her self-esteem during divorce.  

How a family law attorney can help 

A person getting divorced in Texas would be wise to consult an attorney right away. A family law attorney can help the individual seek a comprehensive settlement with his or her future ex-spouse at the negotiation table, which tends to be less emotionally tumultuous than going through traditional divorce litigation. The attorney will seek the most personally favorable outcome for his or her client given the circumstances surrounding the divorce. 


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