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Social Media and Divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2016 | Family Law |

If you and your spouse are having serious problems and you think divorce is the next step, be cautious on social media. Many Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and various other social media users enjoy sharing every momentous event of their lives via these platforms. You’ve very likely seen friends, relatives or co-workers going through a break-up online. They share all the painful details and take every opportunity to bash their ex. They may even brag about how great their lives are now going, touting a vacation or a raise. These very public posts have the very real potential of coming back to haunt them. So, beware and steer clear of this behavior when you are considering or going through a divorce.

Don’t Malign your Partner Online

You may be tempted to tell the world that your husband is the world’s worst lover and a neglectful father. You might want to list all of the things about your wife that have been driving you crazy for years. Maybe you’re tempted to spill some of her deepest, darkest secrets, which she shared with you when your marriage was doing well. Resist the temptation. Divorce is already a contentious experience. This type of behavior does no one any good. It stirs up more anger and makes it less likely that you and your partner can negotiate an amicable divorce. Additionally, if you have children, this information can easily get back to them causing pain, resentment and confusion.

Don’t Brag on Social Media

You may want to put up a brave front and tell the world how wonderful you’re doing now that you and your ex have split. Perhaps you want to brag about a pay raise or post pictures of your trip to the Bahamas. If you’re already dating, you may want to rub it in your ex spouse’s face with photos and glowing descriptions of your new love life. Again. Don’t do it. Money matters can be dragged out in court when you’re negotiating property division, maintenance and child support. A new person in your life may be used against you when discussing child custody. Essentially, the less you put online, the less info your spouse’s lawyer can use in negotiations.

Do Be Mindful

You don’t have to abandon social media altogether. Followers and friends can be very supportive during this trying time in your life, and the distraction of social media can be helpful. But think before you post. Check your privacy settings, and offer a positive outlook without going overboard.

If you’re facing a divorce, an empathetic Texas family law attorney can offer guidance and legal representation to help you obtain the best possible outcome with property division, spousal support, child custody and support, and other divorce-related issues.

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