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One person cannot save a marriage

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2018 | Family Law |

Your spouse has talked about getting a divorce. You do not want to break up. You still think you can save the marriage. You never thought you would be getting divorced, and you do not want to take such a drastic step.

That’s a fine way to feel, and you need to tell your spouse exactly what you’re thinking. Sit down. Talk it out. Say everything you want to say.

Just remember that marriage experts agree that it takes two people to save a marriage. One person cannot do something like that alone.

You need to be realistic about where you stand. You cannot force your spouse to stay married. For the marriage to last, both people need to want it to last. That’s how you felt when you tied the knot in the first place. It’s how you need to feel now, no matter how hard it gets, to stay together.

This does not mean that you cannot try to save the relationship. But do not assume you will definitely be able to do it if you just work harder or put in more effort. You may not. There is a point where your spouse is simply going to do what he or she wants, and you cannot always control that.

If that is where you feel like your relationship is at, it is important to put some of your time and effort into learning about your legal rights. Accept that things may be out of your control, no matter what you want, and prepare yourself for the legal process to come.


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