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Police car crashes during chase in Texas

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2019 | Personal Injury |

A police chase in Texas led to an accident involving the police vehicle and another car that was previously unrelated. The whole thing was captured on the police Tahoe’s dash camera.

Reports indicate that the police initially took note of the first car they pursued when it was behind an ambulance and committed “a traffic violation.” Exactly what that driver did was not reported, but it was enough for officers to attempt to initiate a stop.

As the officer accelerated to catch the vehicle, the police car had to cross through an intersection. Not only did the police car have its lights on, but the driver had a green light at the intersection. In the video, it is clear that the officer has the right of way.

Even so, a driver in a red Chevy Camaro attempts to make a left turn and crosses right in front of the police vehicle. With no time to stop, the officer slams directly into the side of the car. Glass shatters and flies all around the camera.

When the dust settled, the police reported that the driver in the police car and the one in the Camaro suffered injuries. After the crash, the police said that they wanted to put out the footage so that the public could see what had happened and how and why the officer was involved. Police often face criticism when they get into accidents during chases, but the department appears to feel that their officer was not at fault.

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