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Creating a special needs trust

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2020 | Estate Planning |

There are a lot of options available to those who wish to set up an estate plan, from a will to various types of trusts. However, everyone is in a different position and for some people, there are unique strategies to ensure that loved ones receive the support they need in the years ahead. For those who have a family member with special needs, this is particularly concerning and many people do not recognize how important it is to set up the right type of estate plan for a loved one who has special needs. Fortunately, special needs trusts help many people find answers to these questions and peace of mind.

Special needs trusts are crucial for those with loved ones who are unable to care for themselves for various reasons. For starters, those with special needs often depend on government benefits and losing eligibility for these programs is devastating. Sometimes, inheritance gets in the way of eligibility for these programs and this is why people need to think about their loved one who is facing these hardships while creating an estate plan. This option enables people with special needs to remain eligible for government assistance while also receiving assets from their loved one’s estate plan.

As with any estate plan, it is imperative to explore the ins and outs of the trust beforehand. With a clear idea of how the process works and what will happen to a loved one during the distribution of an estate, key questions are answered and many people are able to sleep easier knowing that they are prepared for the future. Browse through our website to look up more information related to special needs trusts and other estate planning issues.


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