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How does Personal Injury Protection work?

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Texas is one of several states where Personal Injury Protection (PIP) can be purchased to protect drivers from expenses that can come as a result of injury following a collision. Individuals considering PIP insurance coverage may wonder about the benefits and extent of this coverage. Here is some information about how PIP protection works. 

PIP insurance covers expenses related to injuries resulting from vehicle collision. The unique aspect of PIP insurance is that it covers injuries regardless of who is at fault in the collision. Both the driver and other passengers in the vehicle may be supported through the policy. The extent of coverage is governed by state law and can vary from state to state. It may include: 

  • Medical treatment: This includes immediate medical treatment and services, such as ambulance rides, as well as longer-term rehabilitation, such as chiropractic care or physiotherapy.  
  • Income loss: In some cases, an accident can cause an injury that makes it impossible for the victim to work. The income they would have otherwise earned should be covered by the PIP insurance policy.  
  • Personal support: Sometimes, injuries can make it impossible to do certain household chores, such as yard work, cleaning or taking care of children. PIP insurance may also cover the cost of these services if they are required due to the injury. 

Although insurance companies are mandated to provide this coverage to their insured, it can sometimes be challenging to ensure full coverage is received. Insurance companies may require certain evidence and push back on coverage at times. In cases with a serious injury, a settlement may be necessary. This can become a complex legal matter for those who are insured, making it beneficial for injured parties to work with a Texas personal injury lawyer as soon as possible following their injury. 


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