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Identifying possible red flags of financial infidelity

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2024 | Family Law |

There may be a multitude of scenarios in which a marriage might not turn out as planned. In some cases, you and the other party may simply grow apart with time. However, there are certain types of issues that could place a strain on your relationship and leave you wondering if parting ways might be the healthiest decision.

Financial infidelity is a type of behavior that could diminish trust and affect the overall health of a marriage, but sometimes this can be a difficult thing to detect. There may be numerous types of red flags that might indicate the presence of such behavior, and addressing these signs could be vital to preparing to evaluate your options.

Examples of red flags

The presence of financial infidelity could take a dire toll on the health of a relationship, and some common red flags to watch for regarding such issues could include:

  • Financial secrecy: Studies suggest that red flags of financial infidelity could involve scenarios in which the other party exhibits secretive financial behaviors or is evasive when discussing finances.
  • Controlling behavior: Those who engage in similar behaviors may also be more inclined to try and control all aspects of marital finances and to shut the other person out of financial decisions.
  • Dishonesty: Signs of dishonest behaviors when talking about finances can also be warning signs of financial infidelity. Attempting to hide assets is just one example of a dishonest behavior.
  • No discussion: Another red flag could involve a situation in which the other person simply refuses to discuss finances or to talk about topics such as spending and saving habits.
  • The topic of debt: The presence of marital debt can also affect the health of a marriage, and reluctance or refusal to address such topics could also be a red flag.

Studies indicate that those who exhibit such behavior may also be more apprehensive about planning for the future of the relationship, which could lead to feelings of lack of commitment.

Dissolving a marriage

Issues such as financial infidelity can place a substantial strain on a marriage and lead to questions about whether dissolving the marriage might be the best path. Knowing how to identify the presence of such behaviors could be integral to helping you prepare to address your situation and options. Understanding what to expect from the divorce process and how best to prepare a strategy that meets your goals and needs could also be essential to protecting your Texas future.


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